Wednesday 7 March 2012

I M P O R T A N T bad news.

Hi everyone, it's been a while - I've been very, very busy moving into a new flat and working on a new children's book which will be out later this year!

But, important, bad news first...

I found out today that someone's been impersonating me on the website grain edit and writing crude, offensive and potentially reputation-sabotaging comments on articles about people's work.
There's one for almost every article it comes up with on Google for Emmeline Pidgen and grain edit.

I'd like everyone to know that it was DEFINITELY NOT ME writing those comments!

Someone's been using my name and website address to make it look like I'm writing them, but seem to have ignored the fact I'm nothing like that, have better things to do and have a reputation to keep as a children's book illustrator!

It is rather stressful thinking that potential clients, publishers, employers etc might see those search results and think twice about working with me.  I'm hoping that all the positive internet presence I've built up over the years will over shadow it and no one will believe that it's me writing them.

I've contacted grainedit and hopefully they'll be able to do something quickly. I hope they'll make their commenting system a little more secure too...

Please remember I'm nice!

Emmeline x