Monday 29 February 2016

Thought Bubble Sequential Arts Festival Illustration

I'm so excited to finally share my illustration for Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival's tenth anniversary this year!

You may have seen a lot of blog posts from me at Thought Bubble's comic festival in November last year (it was an incredible weekend!) and I'm so chuffed to have been commissioned to create the main festival illustration for #TBF16.

Thought Bubble is an incredible festival celebrating comics, sequential art and illustration from artists around the world.

We went through a few visual options for this illustration (and at some point I'd love to share some of the concept work and prep sketches with you as it was such an interesting process) and we chose to head in my bright, digital style to really grab attention for the 10th anniversary of the festival.

To find out more about the festival (and see my illustration in all its branding/web-bannery glory) head over to or keep up to date with news on their Twitter or Facebook.

Thought Bubble's such an incredible comics festival, and I really hope I see you there later this year!

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Live Drawing

Last week I plucked up the courage to film my very first live drawing video. As you can imagine, drawing live on film can be a little nervewracking and holding the camera with one hand whist drawing certainly doesn't make things easy (I'll invest in some sort of rig soon I promise), but it was an incredibly fun process!

This is part of my new goal to share more process posts, live drawing and creative tips with you through my Youtube channel. So expect to see a lot more popping up, but for now I'm so excited to share this very first video with you!