Monday 22 October 2018

A bit of personal news: we got engaged!

I'm really excited to share a little bit of personal news with you this week - Andrew Jolly and I got engaged! 

There was a treasure hunt, puzzles, surprise, and I cried my little eyes out! I was in Moomin pajamas the whole time too haha. We've been together nearly a decade already, and I'm so excited to plan a wedding and spend even more time with this wonderful human. 

Saturday 20 October 2018

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2018

What a brilliant (but incredibly rainy) weekend we had at The Lakes International Comic Art Festival again this year. The event is honestly one of the friendliest and cosy-feeling comic conventions I have attended, and I was thrilled to have been invited back again this year.

It was such a joy to meet so many people so enthusiastic about comics, as well as a few who were attending the festival as their first steps into the world of comics (including the incredibly sweet woman who asked if it was a convention for stand-up comedians!).

The festival marked the official launch of my new comic 'First Signs Of Spring'. It was really heartwarming to see so many people excited to buy a copy (someone even said they only came to the festival to buy one!) - I almost sold out on the first weekend! Luckily, I'm restocked now and you can find out more about the comic over in my Etsy shop. It has free shipping at the moment!

One of the nicest things about comic conventions is having the chance to spend time with comics-industry friends from far and wide, and I had an amazing weekend catching up with Jessica Lucas, Marc Jackson, Emma Vieceli, Ellie Crewes and meeting new friends like Gary Spencer Millidge and table-neighbour Rachel Findlay to name just a few! It's all a bit hush-hush, but we visited a speakeasy, and as the exact opposite of hush-hush saw Marc's band The Dopes (if you ever fancy listening to raps about sandwiches, they're the band for you!).

LICAF is such a wonderful festival. There's a really nice atmosphere around it, and you can tell that everyone attending just really appreciate that it exists (seriously, people braved some of the most ridiculous storms I've seen to come and see our comics! They're a dedicated lot!). 

I can't wait to come back another year!