Friday 29 October 2010

A feast for the eyes!

Hey guys,

I'm writing this now as a way of taking a break from pumpkin carving.
'Why?!' you ask!
'Why would you tear yourself away from such an awesome event?!'
Well, I just accidentally stabbed my wrist with a scalpel, not badly, but it scared me alot seeing as during my last major scalpel incident I sliced the tip of my thumb off in uni and had to go to A&E (I have a bit of a thing about wrists/viens etc too) so I felt woozy and as everyone knows, when you feel woozy - update your blog.

I have quite alot of visualiez to show you today!
I'll start by serving you the delicious starter of a potential cover (competition entry) for the online magazine Brikolage.

The title of the next issue is Old Age, and the cover needed to be inspired by Rossco Galloway.

It was lots of fun to draw many many dancing old people. 
Even if I don't make the cover the illustration will be in the magazine, so look out for a posting in the future!

Now! The main course of three illustrations I've done this past week for Amelia's Magazine.

These first two are for an article about the Museum of Everything in London, from the title I suppose you can tell that there's alot of interesting stuff there, and you'd be right!
These two illustrations represent just a couple of things you can see there, sideshow posters and lots of cool doll things! ace!

Apparantly the snake lady is me, but I digress, I don't have ANY snakes - so there.

This next illustration is also for Amelia's Magazine, showing off the extravagant make up of Alex Box.

It's a slightly different style for me! Well it was for a fashion article... I'm rather happy with it :) What do you think?

Okay! Dessert time - yeaaah.

This is just a little doodle I did a while ago when I didn't really realise I was drawing. I quite like it so I thought I'd show it to you. I hope you like it too!

Well, that's all I've got for you in my bag today lovelies.
Have an amazing Halloween! (p.s. what are you dressing up as?)

Thursday 21 October 2010

Second time today!

Second blog update of the day?!?! Blimey! I must've been working hard.
I'll keep it short and sweet.

A happy halloween themed illustration!
and a quick, cute illustration to be a new background for my twitter profile!

That's all! Let me know what you think. Over and out.


Hey everyone, I hope you're all having a wonderful time today!
I've just finished some painted goodies for you, fresh from the metaphorical oven.  
I had quite a bit of trouble with them due to the lack of a good scanner...I had to photograph the paintings and then spend hours correcting the colours to compensate for the rubbish photo quality *stops complaining*.

Well anyway, here's some history for your face!

I've been wanting to draw some Tudors for a while now, I especially love the Queen's variety of cool hats.
Let me know what you think of them! I'm considering doing a whole lot more of famous faces, just to fill in the gaps between other ideas.

Yesterday, my work was featured on the blogsite Balad Of... , which is lovely, hopefully I'm making a slight name for myself on tinternet!

In personal news, I have a nice new laptop and I had lots of fun nesting for winter redecorating the bedroom with Andrew (have a look at this weekend , it's really nice now and the mouldy 60's 3D wallpaper is finally gone.

I also went on a lovely Autumn walk yesterday, I found five shiny shiny shiny conkers and left them in places that they could grow (rather than on the road or being smashed up by kids).
Here's a pretty photo I took on my travels, I hope it makes your eyes happy and snug.

Bye bye! 

Thursday 14 October 2010

Things to tell you

Hello blog and blogreaders.
I hope you're all doing great, if not, you should probably cosy up with a cup of tea and read something nice.

Turns out I didn't win the Mythic Coastline children's book competition, however, on the bright-side..
I was selected as one of six shortlisted from 150 entrants!

So that's pretty darn good eh?
This is how I felt when I found out :

I had to stand up infront of four judges in an auditorium and give a presentation of my work on a huge projector.  I think I talked them through it all pretty well (although I was quaking in my boots).  Had a pretty long Q & A session with them too.  A couple of the judges apparantly loved my work and if any other projects come up 'more suited to my work' they're going to get in touch - so here's hopin'.

In other news,  I've recently been featured on
which is lovely :)  and a really ace website too, so go and have a look.
(shh, but, I think I'm going to be featured soon in a few other cool places...I'll let you know!)

I've also updated my website and had a bit of a re-jig with images and the about page. 
Oh! I bought a new laptop too (I had my other one for about six years and it was really wearing out).

This old drawing I've done of a boy with a magpie is unrelated to anything here.

I've also been drawing a picture of Henry VIII (and some of his wives) but I accidentally drew him with two legs to redrew new ones on top.  Now he's a four-legged Henry VIII. Which is pretty cool.

Well, have a fantastic rest-of-week.