Thursday 14 October 2010

Things to tell you

Hello blog and blogreaders.
I hope you're all doing great, if not, you should probably cosy up with a cup of tea and read something nice.

Turns out I didn't win the Mythic Coastline children's book competition, however, on the bright-side..
I was selected as one of six shortlisted from 150 entrants!

So that's pretty darn good eh?
This is how I felt when I found out :

I had to stand up infront of four judges in an auditorium and give a presentation of my work on a huge projector.  I think I talked them through it all pretty well (although I was quaking in my boots).  Had a pretty long Q & A session with them too.  A couple of the judges apparantly loved my work and if any other projects come up 'more suited to my work' they're going to get in touch - so here's hopin'.

In other news,  I've recently been featured on
which is lovely :)  and a really ace website too, so go and have a look.
(shh, but, I think I'm going to be featured soon in a few other cool places...I'll let you know!)

I've also updated my website and had a bit of a re-jig with images and the about page. 
Oh! I bought a new laptop too (I had my other one for about six years and it was really wearing out).

This old drawing I've done of a boy with a magpie is unrelated to anything here.

I've also been drawing a picture of Henry VIII (and some of his wives) but I accidentally drew him with two legs to redrew new ones on top.  Now he's a four-legged Henry VIII. Which is pretty cool.

Well, have a fantastic rest-of-week.


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