Monday 27 September 2010

Mythic Coastline

Well how do you do my dears?
I hope you're all doing wonderfully.

I've got two illustrations to show you today, painted lovingly for a competition based around promoting the spirtual/mythical/historical coastline between Cleveleys and Fleetwood in Lancashire.

We got give a moodboardy-brainstorm type image to respond to, and this is, er, how I responded!

I hope you like them (and I hope the judges like them too...).

Tell me what you think! 

Also, I now have a twitter account so if you're a tweeterer then please tweet my way.

(on a side note, I just semi-crashed my computer and all the text in this blog had crazy lines going through it...)
(on another side note, I've realised I've already told you about my twitter page, I'm sorry to mildly hound you.  Although I suppose if you didn't see the last post then now you know don't you?)
(on another another side note, much like on a piano, I've been interviewed and have four illustrations coming up in the Flex falmouth magazine. wheyyy)


  1. These are wonderful! I love the colors you used!

  2. Truly wonderful work. Especially like the underwater one. Acrylics or Oils or neither?


  3. Hi Rich, I used gouache on them both - though there was some digital tweaking too :)

    Thanks for your kind words!

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