Thursday 7 January 2016

Bower Bird Illustration Timelapse

Yes! My Light Grey Art Lab ‘Bower Bird’ exhibition postcards came through this week (and everything survived despite the postman dropping the package in floodwater and then putting it on a radiator...). 
It was an honour (and so, so fun) to be part of this exhibition.
Here’s me flicking through all 90 of the postcards from the 90 artists involved around the world in a quick timelapse video! Ten years on (from some very silly videos) I'm reviving my Youtube account with a burst of illustration videos, maybe a few how-tos and a couple of vlogs if I'm feeling brave.

More info about the exhibition, the artists involved and my illustration for the show can be found in this blog post. If you're in the Minneapolis area, the exhibition runs throughout January, so pop over!