Thursday 21 October 2010


Hey everyone, I hope you're all having a wonderful time today!
I've just finished some painted goodies for you, fresh from the metaphorical oven.  
I had quite a bit of trouble with them due to the lack of a good scanner...I had to photograph the paintings and then spend hours correcting the colours to compensate for the rubbish photo quality *stops complaining*.

Well anyway, here's some history for your face!

I've been wanting to draw some Tudors for a while now, I especially love the Queen's variety of cool hats.
Let me know what you think of them! I'm considering doing a whole lot more of famous faces, just to fill in the gaps between other ideas.

Yesterday, my work was featured on the blogsite Balad Of... , which is lovely, hopefully I'm making a slight name for myself on tinternet!

In personal news, I have a nice new laptop and I had lots of fun nesting for winter redecorating the bedroom with Andrew (have a look at this weekend , it's really nice now and the mouldy 60's 3D wallpaper is finally gone.

I also went on a lovely Autumn walk yesterday, I found five shiny shiny shiny conkers and left them in places that they could grow (rather than on the road or being smashed up by kids).
Here's a pretty photo I took on my travels, I hope it makes your eyes happy and snug.

Bye bye! 


  1. I love Henry VIII's wives! They would be perfect for an information book for children. I love the colours but I especially love their expressions :-P xxx

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