Friday 5 February 2010

Oh i am a slow loris.

"Long time no see!" you might say. Well, you'd be right. I haven't uploaded a jot for two months, but now, as a distraction from finishing my dissertation about Monsters I bring you three things I've been doing...

Number one

This is the cover for my finished children's information book Clouds and Weather Systems.

Lovely lovely. I'm very happy with it, Alan Male said he thought it was 'bloody good' so that's nice.  There are a few spreads from it up on the V&A website that I entered for the Student Illustration awards.

I really like painting birds and clouds so this was a pretty appropriate project.

Number two!

Another things I really like doing recently:.....ORIGAMI.  Mmmm, a little obsessed at the moment.  There are paper birds, butterflies and beetles adorning my desk.

Fold fold fold fold fold fold fold fold fold.

Anyway, I wanted to somehow weedle in some origami to a project, or two, so I've made a flyer for a sushi delivery service in London called YouMe Sushi.  There are instructions on the bottom of it for you to make your own origami prawn (which I made up...whey!) and you can tear off the top 3/4 to use as the square of paper to make it.  Then the plan is that you want to make the prawn again, so you keep the instructions, and therefore keep the contact details for the business...sneaky sneaks.
 I've also jammed origami into the book I'm illustrating/writing at the moment about a bored girl who finds an origami dot dot.

Number three!

This is a project I finished yesterday so I could get it in with the other work for assessment. I'd nearly given up on it and thought it looked terrible, but add brown paper to anything and you're on to a winner.  Well, not a winner but I think it looks quite good.  It's a book jacket for After Dark, a short novel by Haruki Murakami, a really great author so go and read The Wind Up Bird Chronicle now, or failing this, read Kafka on The Shore, but I haven't read that one yet....I hear it's brilliant.

Actually I have a number four too...

It's a poster for a National Trust nationwide event where you can go along and make lovely paper flowers.  They want to make the largest garden of paper flowers the world has ever seen, and with a message teaching about keeping your garden environmentally friendly - naww.

Well that's that. I hope you all have really lovely days.


  1. 'bloody good' hahaha. i agree : ) i really like your flower poster too...i actually i'd quite like to go to that......

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