Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Autumn turning into Winter

Hello lovely people!
I hope the winter's not too chilly for you.

I have two paintings to show you today.
Yes! Paintings! I've mostly been drawing in ink and digitally colouring recently (due to lack of a scanner).  But for these, I dusted off my gouache paints and slopped them onto paper to warm your eyes.

I'm proud of the autumny one, I think it's one of the best illustrations I've done.  What do you think?
I hope you like them.

If you're on Tumblr, I have an account there now too!  It's mostly for images I like to feed your imaginations rather than my work (which this blog is for).  If you are on Tumblr then please recommend me for the illustration directory too! 

Have a nice week!


  1. I just discovered you on Tumblr. These are absolutely wonderful!! Do you have an online shop? Thank you for bringing a smile to my day. =)

    Recommendation done.

  2. These are so gorgeous, I've got red hair and have recently had it cut into a little bob and like to think I look like this little lady! x

  3. Thankyou very much Diane and Georgia!

    Diane, I don't have an online shop at the moment, I'm considering setting one up at some point soon though. Maybe in the new year. :)

    Georgia, It makes a change from me drawing characters that look like me or my boyfriend! Apparantly most of my characters look like us haha!

  4. What lovely pieces! I especially love the one with the girl and the cat... the way you draw people's faces and animals is so charming!

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  5. These are so beautiful...i very much enjoy your work!

  6. Jonathan Alex4 May 2021 at 10:39

    Girl, you're so talented. I wasn’t over the fact that you do such beautiful digital art that you showed us your handmade work. I am fantasized. I love the first one tho, such a cute cat. There was a time when I used to paint too but ever since I started providing dissertation proofreading services, I rarely get free time. Looking at this made me think that I should start painting again. Keep it up!

  7. Aww, these drawings are so cute. I also love drawing, but I don’t get the time, and neither my parents allow me to draw. But your drawing has given me the confidence to start drawing again. I will shove all my essays to an https://www.usessaywriter.com/ me and tell my parents to let me pursue my dreams. Once again, thank you so much and these drawings are lovely!

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