Monday, 7 February 2011


Hi everyone! I've just released a couple of new illustrations.

The first was an entry to the Art of Nurture competition, inspired by the theme 'We succeed together'. I particularly like the little chap with the binoculars.

On the right, I painted this as a super-happy-bonus-prize for my 500th follower on Twitter.  @AllThingsEla is an avid reader and loves cherry-blossom trees (just like me) so I thought that this would be a great gift.

I have some good news too!
You'll be able to see my work in the upcoming Spring issue of Anorak Magazine, hurray!
I've wanted to work with Anorak for a long time, and I'm really excited to do so.

I hope you're all okay! Come and say hello sometime.


  1. They are all wonderful, Emmeline! Congratulations on your work being published!!!

  2. Hi Emmeline,
    I looooooooooove your work!
    Keep on going and congratulations on your publication in Anorak magazine!


  3. I just love love love the top one!x

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