Wednesday 9 March 2011

London, Norwegian Wood, Parties, Pictures, Fun.

So! On Saturday I came back from a fantastic, surreal, party-time four days in London!

My design for the Norwegian Wood poster competition was chosen by Soda Pictures as one of ten to be printed as postcards to advertise the film as well as being in the top ten from the public vote.
I was invited by Soda Pictures to the Norwegian Wood premiere after-party at the Haunch of Venison gallery in London (although I thought I might be seeing the film too - but oh well!).  The party was ace, really glamorous and swanky-arty-Londony. 

I felt quite underdressed but got nicely tipsy on the free wine and enjoyed lots of sushi.  We ended up dancing our little feet off right next to the cast and director of the film!
We realised too that the guy in the amazing hat we were standing near and smiling at was Tony Leung, one of the most famous Asian actors in the world - amazing! I really wanted to tell him what a great hat he was wearing.

We met some lovely people and it was fantastic to see my poster design as a huge stack of post cards!

(I'm doing a give-away of some of these post cards on my Tumblr page at the moment!)
My design is currently being exhibited at the awesome Curzon soho cinema bar too! I felt a bit silly gawping and taking pictures of my poster whilst everyone around me were suavely drinking coffee and reading newspapers.
But hey, I was proud of myself!

On the Friday night we went to the Ballad Of... party!
I designed the poster for the party a while ago but didn't think I was going to be able to make it down, but luckily I did - and I had a great time!

I met some great people I'd spoken to on Twitter, had some free cocktails, did some dancing and managed to sneak in on the live art T-shirt drawing! 

We ended up not getting back home until 6am that night, we went to a friend's house and played on Muscle March on the Wii...and then managed to get up in the morning to go to Portabello market!

Oh! On Friday we also managed to see the amazing Professor Brian Cox in Watersones/Fopp! We didn't actually meet him, there were more people in the queue than books in the shop - I got this rubbish picture though.  I think the tough security guard guy is cool.

Well anyway...this has been a very photo-heavy blog this time! I don't usually have so much to say do I?
It's back to working on my children's book now, although I've ended up with a head-meltingly-rubbish cold and just want to snuggle on a sofa and watch loads of Breaking Bad instead.

p.s. You can read an interview with me on Cre8ive Spark here and there's free shipping on mini and small prints on my Society6 studio here !

Come and say hello soon xxx


  1. The poster and cards look great. Sounds amazing, well done! :D

  2. it looks great! i like your illustration!

  3. How exciting!! I love your poster design :)xx

  4. Congratulations! Your design is lovely!

  5. Awesome! Looks fun! Hope you get well soon!

  6. Congratulations!! Sounds like a wonderful time! And your poster design is really lovely. :)

  7. Thankyou for all the lovely comments :-) I did have a great time! I'm working on getting over this cold now ;-) xx

  8. Congratulations!
    that poster is beautiful and I'm really happy they printed it. You definitely were one of the best there :)
    good luck with your book :)

  9. Oh, that is so brilliant. Love the design, it's gorgeous!

  10. Amazing, well done you :) lovely poster!