Monday 8 August 2011


Freshly served up for your eye palletes today - the first look at the fully printed children's book I've illustrated! 'The Flyaway Blanket' is officially published on 15th November 2011, by Magination Press - part of the American Psychological Association.

It was quite a long, bumpy road for a first picture book commission - but I think it looks great.
There's always that feeling of 'ohh it doesn't look as good as the real thing!' but I'll have to put those perfectionistic feelings away in a drawer somewhere and accept that printed illustrations never look exactly the same....still looks great though!

You can pre-order it now from the Magination Press website or Amazon (softcover or hardcover)


In other news!

I hurt my wrist from going a bit over the top with work - hours and hours of using a wacom tablet/ drawing/ painting is not good for little wrists.  I took a few days off and enjoyed the sunshine, forests and cities - saw the new Ghibli film Arrietty at the cinema - it was so beautiful, it's a shame the english dub was a bit annoying!  I usually opt for the subtitled version but there was no choice in the matter this time.

Since my wrist's been feeling better I've been working hard on character designs.  Partly for fun, partly to show off the different expressions and poses of characters I can draw, and partly for a brand new children's book I'm writing and illustrating!

I've also been working on some drawings of a feisty warrior lady - but they're not quite ready to show you yet!
I hope you're all having a great start to the week.
Don't be shy, let me know what you think of my work :-)


  1. Wonderful news! Everything looks fantastic!

    Whenever I get my hands tired, I do some hand stretching before and after working, it tones the arm and hands muscles. Give it a try, there are several videos about it on Youtube.

    /What I think of your work? Magical!

  2. How wonderful! It truly looks amazing!!

    I hope you're feeling completely well again soon! The new character looks great.

  3. Oh that is GORGEOUS! I especially love the spread with the birds - what an amazing composition and palette of colors! You must be so proud (and you should be)!

    Ugh. I need to take breaks for my tendinitis as well... I hope your hands stay healthy and feeling good!

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