Friday 21 October 2011


Hello lovelies.
I'm feeling a bit blue today but I wanted to come and say hello anyway.

Yesterday I finished off a lovely paper doll illustration for PetalPetal/VintageChildModern, a handmade clothing  company for children.  The game will be shipped out with each order so the children can play!
Brianne from VCM absolutely loved the illustration, saying that me illustrating her designs somehow fulfilled her childhood dream of illustrating her stories - naw.

You should take a minute to go and look at the gorgeous clothes on the website - they really make me wish I could fit into them! 

I've not had very much work on recently, which although it's hard on the pennies, it does mean I have some time to work on children's book idea's of my own.  I've started a top secret project of a children's book teehee :-) I've written the manuscript, storyboarded, character designed and started a dummy book - so it is all coming together and I'm quite excited.  Here's a sneak peek of some of the main characters-

I'm sure you all know about my chidlren's book 'The Flyaway Blanket' coming out in less than a month now (15th November) but, did you know that it was given a good review in Publishers Weekly?!
Here's what they said about me and my artwork - 

 'Pidgen’s cheerful artwork is reassuring, with a bright palette, loose, sweeping lines, and plenty of attention on mother-child tenderness, human and animal alike.'

A fantastic testimonial hehe! I'm still incredibly nervous about the book going out though.

Did you see my new website? I spent so many days and nights trying to work out how to code it all, and of course everything went wrong, then got fixed, then went wrong, then got fixed.
It's all much simpler for me to update now, which is good as the old way was such a pain that I wouldn't add new work to my online portfolio for months at a time! 
D'you like it? I'm rather proud that I managed to do it all myself :-)

In other news, I recently ran a competition on Twitter to win one of my new prints - which the lovely @Mellybeeblog won for her collection.  I also won a Twitter competition ran by YouMeTheRoyalWe and will soon be the proud owner of a gooorgeous (signed) world map by Oliver Jeffers! Hurray!

You can buy my newest print (and my sticker sets) in my shop!

Have a really good rest of your day, and don't forget to come and say hello.
Your friend, Emmeline x

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