Wednesday 2 November 2011

Bringing back some atmosphere.

Good Afternoon chaps!

Recently, with a slab of spare time on my hands, I've been working on personal portfolio work and delving back into the world of atmospheric work with deep, rich, yummy colours.

I've always loved working like this, but recently all my commissions have been for cheerful, bright illustrations and unfortunately I've ended up having to veer away from this other side of my work.
Don't get me wrong, I love working in vivid colours with cute characters - but I never want to be penned in to one style.

Anyway, since Halloween was on the horizon, I decided to roll with the theme and created this pretty witchy girl and her cat.

 This piece, unusually for me, is entirely digital.  I didn't really plan it, there wasn't even a preliminary just...happened.  But I must say I'm really pleased with it.

It was featured on these blogs/websites on Halloween-

and it's also available as a print on Society6 (which has free shipping 'till Sunday)

Next up!
An illustration that I've literally just finished.  Again, it's super-atmospheric with deliciously deep colours.
I wanted to illustrate something with a hint of romance and magic, as well as interaction and connection between characters.

And finally, not very atmospheric...but for a good cause none the less.
This illustration is for the Think Act Vote anthology, a book based on the futures people of the country are hoping for.  The book, which will be published next year, is going to be presented to the prime minister and other political big shots!
The future I illustrated was written by Lucy Shea.

I've also been emailed by the lovely Sombras Blancas about me and my work.  The interview's even been translated into Spanish!
Have a read here

Hope you're all well! Drop me an email if you fancy a chat or want some work done

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