Thursday 24 May 2012

Reading in shadows

Well, a very good afternoon to you dear blog reader.

Just another little post for you today.

Yesterday I finished off another illustration, which, like the last one, was started many months ago and resigned to an unmarked folder buried in my freelance files.  It started off as a digital colour test for a painting I was planning to do, I did start the painting but it just ended up that the digital version was working better.  

Now, I'm all for physical painting; the smell, the mess, I love it. But there's absolutely no denying the convenience of the undo button and the millions of editable layers.
Sometimes, it's just a case of not having the time to dedicate to a full painting, which is a shame - but don't worry, I certainly won't give up on it.  In fact, I bought myself some indian drawing ink and have been experimenting with some dry brush painting recently, I'll show you soon I promise.

So, what do you think of this entiiirely digital painting? My only negative thoughts about it were that it maybe ended up more polished than I had intended, the character in particular *shrug*.  I sort of had it in my head that it would somehow link to the last illustration I posted, as a sort of flashback from the previous woman to her youth (note the similarly coloured cities in the background & intense shadowing). However I haven't really developed this story yet and the styles are slightly different.  I really would like to illustrate a graphic novel at some point though (my mister's a dab hand at writing too), so maybe these will be a good platform.

I've had people say that the girl in this looks like me, and I suppose she does a bit.  It's not unusual for my characters to look like me or people I'm close to though, it's just the subconscious influences from the everyday.  I must say though, I would a b s o l u t e l y love to be there, reading right now.  At least I was, in a way, whilst I was creating this illustration.  Imagination is the best form of escapism.

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