Friday 24 August 2012

The Bookseller magazine

Hey everyone!

I got some good news a few days ago.  My newly finished children's book 'Sylvester and the New Year' was featured on the very first page of The Bookseller's Children's Buyer's Guide magazine (alongside a couple of fellow Falmouth Illustration BA graduates Ellie Jenkins and Owen Davey).
It's part of a feature on my up-and-coming publishers Far Far Away Books who are working with me on at least four books this year! 

This is the first look at the cover, though this is subject to change at this point - I think for legal issues with the story being 'inspired by a tale told by poet Eduard Mörike' a few hundred years ago we might not be able to put the name text on the front - I think it's quite cool not to have names on the cover, but don't worry, my name will be huge on the title page!  ;-) 

It's a very magical book, full of pretty spacey-cloud landscapes, gates into different worlds, billowing sparkles and a lot of chaps with beards. 
It should be out this November, so I'll keep you updated! 
I'm hoping you're all well, keep in touch.

Emmeline x

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