Friday 10 January 2014

Five Years, the New Year and New News.

Hi everyone, I hope you're all having a great New Year so far!

Earlier this week it was the anniversary of me and my Mister being together for five years.  I illustrated this little portrait of us as a gift for him!

It's definitely fun to mix up the commissioned work with personal pieces sometimes; and this was great for me to flex those wacom-tablet muscles again after a long digital-illustration-free Christmas break (everything's been pencil and paper!).  

Just to keep you updated; I've been working really hard on the new children's book 'The Lavender Blue Dress' and you'll most often find me buried under piles and piles of storyboards for it - it's absolutely brilliant to work on, I can't wait to show you all.

I've also recently finished a book cover for Egmont's Heritage collection, which will be coming out later in the year (more details on this when I can release them!).  You'll also find my work in an upcoming issue of Tesco Magazine (again, I'll post about this when I can!).  

I'm also looking forward to being involved in the upcoming FLIGHT exhibition at Soup Kitchen, Manchester starting 27th Feb! Lots of 3D paper niceties by some seriously talented folks. More info here

So thankfully the year's started out well for me, I hope it's been ace for you too! Keep in touch, buddies! Let me know how you're doing! :-)


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  1. How sweet, such a nice illustration! I find drawing portraits terrifying, mostly because I'm not particularly good at it and despite my good intentions my friends always end up looking like some kind of aliens...but I love the idea of making one as a gift! :)