Wednesday 16 July 2014

Shingeki no Kyojin - Attack on Titan illustration

Hi guys!

This is actually a bit of an oldie, but I've just realised I didn't upload it when I finished it way back in March.  
A few of you have probably heard of Attack on Titan, and boy did I get hooked on the show - mysterious walls, giant loopy-faced titans that eat people, secret keys and gravity defying battles? - Oh yeah.

I haven't read the manga, and I'll admit that I'm veeery picky when it comes to manga art styles - but I'm trying to not let that put me off some really great stories, so if you've got any recommendations go ahead.

I'm not usually one to do fan art (aside from a couple of X-files ones, Twin Peaks and an Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon one which has been in production for a while...), but I had a spare few days and thought this would be really good to try out in my downtime as it's full of dynamic movement and I could play my own style take on the characters.

I spent some time looking at photos of aerial acrobatics to get the mid-air movement looking right in the sketches and worked it up from there in Photoshop.  As you can see the titans started out with some very silly sketched faces (well, they do look pretty silly anyway), and in general the whole piece edged towards a much happier version than the super-gore and violence of the show.  I like to think of it as one of those brief moments where everything was sort of okay...

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