Tuesday 17 March 2015

'Hungry Roscoe' By David J. Plant

After my 'Her Idea' review post at the start of February, Flying Eye Books dropped another package of loveliness through my door with this advanced copy of 'Hungry Roscoe' by David J. Plant.

Much like Flying Eye's other titles, Hungry Roscoe is full of quirky illustration, humour and unusual storytelling. The spreads are filled with action and a nice mix of spot illustrations and full bleed pages. There's a great, chalky feel to the artwork and the illustrations are filled with character (it's interesting to hear that David is a fellow Falmouth University alumni as well!).

Roscoe's disguises actually made me laugh out loud (the only comment I would have is that it would've been great to see more of these!) and it was refreshing to have such a mischievous main character and a slightly unconventional ending to the story. 

I think that this is definitely the sort of book that kids would love. Roscoe's disguises could definitely spark some interesting World Book Day costumes too! You can find out more about Roscoe at www.flyingeyebooks.com!

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  1. This looks wonderful David.
    Ps, this blog is brilliant Emmeline :-)
    Proud of all Falmouth Illustration alumni...so many are now published!