Friday 5 August 2016

Exploring Liverpool Biennial with Cass Art

Renowned art suppliers Cass Art got in touch with me recently, asking if I'd like to pop over and explore the Liverpool Biennial with them. After some snacks, art goodies and printmaking with the other talented journalists, bloggers and artists; we set off on our tour around some of the highlights.

There was an amazing variety of venues to explore, some completely unexpected like Ian Cheng’s Something Thinking of You nestled between the security monitor and packets of food at the Hondo Chinese supermarket (definitely one of my favourites) and others like The Oratory that are only open to the public for the Biennial.

The 2016 Biennial is organised as a story throughout Liverpool's landscape, focusing on the themes (episodes) of Ancient Greece, Chinatown, software, children, flashback and monuments from the future. More about the episodes here.

It was brilliant to get together with the rest of our group and engage with some of the interactive pieces like Audrey Cottin's Lift Me. We had to team up to haul poles from the ground to form a gigantic cube structure! It's always great to break down those 'look don't touch' barriers that so many people can feel with art, and just really enjoy it.

The Biennial is on until 16th October, so grab the chance to go if you can - it's such a great opportunity to explore parts of Liverpool you might never have known existed and to see such a huge variety of creative work. 

Hopefully if I'm in Liverpool again before the end date I'll be able to take in even more of the show - I'm sure we only scratched the surface! Huge thank you to Cass Art and our guides for a lovely day of art, exploration and fun! 

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