Friday 16 September 2016

My Best Friend's Wedding!

So, last month my best friend got married to the love of her life, Andrew. It was a gorgeous day and I worked my very hardest to be an A+ Maid of Honour! 

There were wildflowers, fairy lights, a tasty homemade wedding cake and a lot of brilliant dancing. Sticking with the home-made theme, I wanted to give Hannah and Andrew a really special extra wedding gift; so as a surprise, I illustrated this portrait of them!

I've known Hannah for years and years, so we've often drawn silly pictures of each other; but it felt lovely to sit down and properly illustrate a portrait of her and Andrew to commemorate their wedding day. The background colours are very 'classic Hannah', and I had to sneak in some conversations with her family to make sure I had the outfits illustrated perfectly! 

I had the illustration giclee printed at Yeti (probably favourite printers, review here!) as I could trust them to print the colours exactly as I wanted them and on really gorgeous paper stock. 

The whole day was incredibly emotional in the best way, and it meant so much that they both loved the illustration. Hannah and Andrew are two of the very best people in the world, and I know they're going to have an amazing life together 


  1. Aww Emm! I've only just read this! It made my nose go funny (welled up i did). I love your beautiful illustration of Andrew and myself and it will be up on my wall forever! It's true, we've had many a time drawing doodles of eachother (and Jeff Goldblum). I've always wanted to be illustrated by you though and this was the perfect way to be illustrated! The likeness is amazing! Thank you for being the perfect maid of honour! Xxx

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