Wednesday 22 February 2017

Hourly Comic Day 2017 - Eighteen Hours Worth Of Comics!

Back at the start of February, I made a last minute decision to take part in Hourly Comic Day! You can see from the comics that I tussled with the idea of not doing it, but I'm really glad I went for it in the end - as, to be honest, sometimes you just need that kick to forget everything and just create.

Hourly Comic Day takes place each year on February 1st, and illustrators and comic artists worldwide create a comic for each hour of their day - yep, the reality is just as fun and exhausting as that sounds.

I documented my thoughts and activities throughout the day, culminating in 18 hours worth of comics! Click through the comic gallery above to see the full series. The hand cramp was real, but it was great to put aside a lot of the particulars and perfectionism that sometimes constrains my work, and just focus on constantly creating new comics.

I think my favourite panel has to be the RuPaul's Drag Race one, closely followed by the drawing of Andrew's Grandad (because it's hilariously accurate). Along with projects like my 'What Emmeline Wore In July/October' series, I love working on things which act as a bit of a visual diary, just, personally for me they're really nice for me to look back on and be reminded of that point in time.

I definitely tried to keep the comic relatable, I think we've all had points where we've struggled to think that we'll be able or good enough to do something - so I think it's important to document overcoming obstacles like that.

Although it was incredibly tough going, I absolutely loved taking part in Hourly Comic Day, so keep an eye out for my adventures next February 1st (and hopefully this series in print format soon!).

p.s. I recommend checking out other fantastic Hourly Comic Day series by James ChapmanKristyna Baczynskior by following #HourlyComicDay!


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