Monday 5 June 2017

The challenges of going freelance (plus a plate full of cake!)

So you might have noticed I've been taking some huge leaps in terms of my on-screen presence since my Freelancer of the Year win with IPSE last year. Seriously, if you'd asked me a few years ago how comfortable I'd be with half of the promos and panels I've been doing over the past few months I would've had a reaction-gif-worthy look of horror on my face. But yes, practice makes perfect, and between my illustration workshops and a bundle-full of professional appearances talking freelance life; I'm at the stage where I'm really starting to love it!

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to get some A++ practice getting comfortable being interviewed on-screen with IPSE's feature on the challenges of freelancing. I headed over to Ziferblat in Manchester to meet with the team, and after a few prep shots alongside the lovely Kelly Gilmour-Grassam (that's us walking down the street, I think we were actually talking about hot-dogs right then!) we jumped straight into discussing the highs and lows of being a freelancer.

Okay, who loves seeing themselves talk on film? Anyone? Yeah, so, I've made peace with my fluffy-as-a-duckling fringe, and of course there are going to be answers I might have rejigged a little, but I love taking the time to talk honestly about life as a freelancer - especially to those thinking about taking the step into freelancing for the first time - it's incredibly important to share that experience, and encourage others to go for it armed with the facts!

Ziferblat was an incredibly cool venue, it's pay-per-minute with a £20 cap, so it's perfect for freelancers who might want a chilled out but social space to work, or need somewhere for a quick meeting. There's a gigantic buffet with free food; you might notice my plate piling up in the film...that shot went on quite a bit longer than I thought it would...I was there like "just one more cake...okay, still rolling?!". So...don't judge me, although I'll admit I ate it all. Nom!

You can watch the full film on Youtube, and if you'd like to hear more of my freelance talks keep an eye on my workshop schedule! I'm next up on the National Freelancers Day event panel in London discussing freelance success later this week!

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