Wednesday 20 September 2017

Game Of Thrones & Secret Illustration Process

It's been a fair few weeks since we waved goodbye to season seven of Game of Thrones on tv; but I wanted to finally share my Thrones-inspired illustrations with you, and give you a peek at my process!

Working pretty neatly within the 'Ice and Fire' framework, I decided to illustrate Jon Snow, and the 'Mother of Dragons' herself, Daenerys Targaryen - what a, um, pair! So, as a little heads-up, these are inspired by the Game of Thrones characters, not direct portraits, so yes, there's a bit of artistic license here!

These were both illustrated using a combination of watercolour and digital illustration, which is my favourite way to work at the moment! For the first time ever, I created a video showing my entire process (from digital sketches, to traditional painting, then back to digital!) for my Daenerys illustration, and you can watch it here! Sneak a peek :)

Both the Daenerys illustration and Jon Snow print are available in my etsy shop at the moment, and you can pick them up at Thought Bubble comic festival this weekend! Woop!


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