Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Emmeline In Black Crown Omnibus Comic

What a treat to get this gorgeously hefty copy of Black Crown Omnibus through my door! Last year I was commissioned to create my first internationally published comic for IDW's imprint Black Crown, and you can now see it again in big ol' omnibus format in this new collection!

The book features loads of amazing comics from the issues of Black Crown Quarterly, as well as all of the 'Hey Amateur!' one-page features (like my 'How to spot a galaxy' story) in full, glorious colour.  There are some really incredible stories in this book (yeah, I'm a tiny bit bias, but still...), and it's been a joy to dip into and enjoy reading through it with a brew.

My story is part instructional, with two lovely characters guiding you (and each other) through finding constellations, mythology and galaxies whilst stargazing at the night sky.

I've always loved stargazing, and I (nerdily) spent hours on a VERY slow computer game where you traipsed around the galaxy trying to spot constellations and use those as signposts to find galaxies or specific star clusters - so that inspired this comic heavily!

I love staying curious and I enjoy constantly learning new things, so the Hey Amateur series really spoke to me as both a creator and a reader! I highly recommend them. If you want to read more about the process of creating my 'How To Spot A Galaxy' comic, head to my post here!

If you fancy your own copy of Black Crown Omnibus, you can grab one for yourself online or in your favourite comic shops!


  1. The Black Crown Quarterly, which this gathers close by tester issues of the dispatch titles, was somewhere close to Vertigo's On the Ledge segment and its occasional anthologies (Absolute Vertigo et al), offering select substance from the individual books nearby secret scenes from anticipated attractions. There are additionally strips set at and around the Black Crown bar, the somewhat constrained connecting gadget for the line; I'm as yet not entirely persuaded by it as a continuous idea, not without misshaping and restricting different books, yet taken alone merits these shorts are sufficiently engaging

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