Thursday 28 June 2012

Win a signed copy of 'Crumble, Crackle, Burn' texture illustration book!

Good news!

To link in with this month's Creative Tips & Resources article I've written for Ten Paces and Draw, we have something very special to give away...

This month's article is all about using textures and custom brushes in digital illustration.  It's got a ton of pearls of wisdom from some amazing illustrators I've spoken to such as Kali Ciesemier and Andrew Lyons. 

It's also got some very shiny pearls about using your own found textures from designer and author of 'Crumble, Crackle, Burn' Von Glitschka.

Crumble, Crackle... is a great anthology of a variety of illustrator's work, tips and insight into using real world textures in digital illustration.  It's full of lovely visual work paired with a black and white screen of the texture used in that illustration.
The book also comes with a disk brimming with royalty-free texture shots!

So...sound good?

Well - Von has kindly offered us ONE SIGNED COPY to give away!

I do have to say though that, unfortunately, 
this prize can be shipped to the USA only 
sorry international friends! 

Right, so -
- You're interested?                                                    Check
- You've got a delivery address in the US?             Check  
- You've had a nosy at the article ;-) ?                      Check 

Let's go!
This giveaway is run via Rafflecopter and will be open for two weeks (until 12th July)
So just follow the easy options below for multiple entries into one big lucky hat!

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  1. Count me in, I love using real textures in my digital work.

  2. Loved the tips from Kali Ciesemier! She is one of my favorite illustrators...

  3. its really nice when people talk about how they use textures in there digital work. I'm new to the digital art community and textures is something that I struggle with. I understand the concept but I have a hard time utilizing it, getting a chance to hear more about what other artist do in regards to textures is very helpful.

  4. I loved the article, and I am so in love with the idea of this book. I love getting tips about texture specifically, since my favorite compositions tend to incorporate a lot of texture.

  5. Loved and appreciated the help from this post! Would love to win that book!

  6. Wonderful tips!! Helpful article, awesome illustrators, and the book looks very intriguing! :D

  7. awesome! i love creating and scanning my own textures made from paint/ink/whatever i fancy using that day. can't wait to peek inside this book.

  8. This is so exciting! I like to make my own textures, and scan them in. My scanner isn't very good, but it never fails when scanning in textures. It just gives it more depth. :D

  9. learning more about each person's process of using textures is very helpful, thanks for the article!

  10. Great inspiration, since I'm always adding to my texture library.