Monday 15 September 2014

15 for 15 award finalist

Exciting news, guys! I've been selected as one of the finalists in the 15 for 15 award for self-employed businesses.  

I wrote from the heart about the dizzying heights and the real struggles of working as a lone-wolf freelance illustrator, and I'm absolutely chuffed to have been chosen.  

I find that often freelancers and self-employed people are overlooked in business.  I know that I personally have struggled with getting support as I was starting out, and I have written many (ignored) letters to my local council about the benefits of supporting freelancers alongside the multitude of '3 employees +' grants and guidance programs they offer. 

Freelancers, in the creative sectors and further afield, are important - we're those people who know it will be hard, but are passionate enough to follow our dreams.  I'm so impressed that the 15 for 15 award (supported by ipse) is recognising that, and I'm so humbled to have been chosen to represent one of the 15 'brightest and best self-employed people' working in the UK now.

Here's a quick statement from the 15 for 15 team, and their ethos behind the awards-

'Enterprising individuals right across Britain are starting brand new businesses every day.

Most of them aren’t well connected entrepreneurs launching trendy startups and boasting millionaire backers. They are independent, enterprising people making the brave choice to go it alone because they want control of their own destiny.

There are now almost five million self-employed people working in the UK and that number is growing all the time. They are some of the brightest and most independent minds in business and 15 for 15 aims to give the most promising among them a little helping hand.

That’s why we are looking for the independent professionals who are set for big things in 2015. We want to find fifteen independent minds who truly represent the diversity, enterprise and bravery of Britain’s self-employed.'

I'll be heading down to London's LSO St Luke's for the awards ceremony on 19th November, where the fifteen finalists will be guests of honour (eep!) and one overall winner will be chosen.  It's all a bit exciting.  

Wish me luck, buddies!


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