Tuesday 30 September 2014

Draw North West

So tonight is the nineteenth Draw North West creative meetup! If you haven't been to one of these already (and you're even vaguely in the area) you should definitely come along.  

Held in the brilliant Kosmonaut bar in Manchester's Northern Quarter at 7:30, Draw North West attracts crowds of creatives from all walks to drink, draw and talk shop.  There's never a lack of chats about projects, collabs, films, exhibitions, music or *cough* Steve Buscemi. More often than not there's drawing games to join in with, and always someone up for a quick doodling session between the beers!

It's a great thing to connect with other creative people in the area, and it's always worth putting a face to those names you see bobbing around on Twitter and Facebook with their stunning portfolios.  There's been a few brilliant exhibitions and projects that have come out of the friendships people have made at Draw North West, and it's so good to have such a creative hub of ideas and support.  I personally live a fair trek away from the meetup, but every time I can go, I do go - it's absolutely worth it.

So whether you're a first year design student, a seasoned senior art director or just fancy a bit of a draw in your spare time - I really recommend heading down to Kosmonaut tonight.

You can find out more and keep up to date at www.drawnorthwest.co.uk or in the Draw North West facebook group here.  This month's poster by the super talented Kristian Duffy!


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