Friday 13 February 2015

New Card Range For Ohh Deer

I've been with Ohh Deer since their launch in 2011, but over the last few months I've been working hard with them to put out a brand new range of products! These two are the first of a big batch that should be trickling out over the next year.

I wanted to keep things simple and graphic with these two Save The Date and Congratulations cards; opting for a focus on colour palettes, floral designs and hand drawn typography.

You can browse the rest of my Ohh Deer products or grab yourself a card or two here. I'll keep you up to date with the range as new pieces are released! EXCITING!


  1. Wow! Those are such beautiful cards! You definitely achieved the simple, yet graphic look. Using the flowers as a focal point, but keeping the attention directed to the thought of the cards is such a good idea. In any case, it was nice seeing those as part of your card listing in your website. Great job! Kudos and more power to you! :)

    Lynda Andrews @ Online Marketing Tree

  2. Yes, I like the new range and I really appreciate your hard work. I belong to a logo designing company and I am working as a Logo Designer in San Diego. I’m always trying to put some effect on design and our seniors appreciate my work.