Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Field Notes & Faces - My Very Favourite Ohh Deer Sketchbooks

So you're probably all very aware of my serious love for stationery. I have at least 2.5 billion sketchbooks (rough estimate) and a skyscraper of notebooks (give or take) - they're just, something I need around me at all times. Maybe it's an occupational thing, but if I don't have a little sketchbook to jot down ideas or draw a few characters I feel a bit lost.

Holding all my recent scrawled to do lists and sketches are these four yummers notebooks from Ohh Deer. I've been one of Ohh Deer's illustrators since they sprung up in 2011, and I'm constantly falling in love with the new products they bring out with other artists. These are great for slipping in to my handbag to sketch in on day trips or whip out for notetaking in meetings. I love them: simple, beautiful.

I've been doing a lot of character sketching and ink painting lately, just really trying to get back in to the swing of drawing purely for pleasure and just experimenting (after an intense month with What Emmeline Wore In July and a bundle of commissions!).  I think it's often important to just stream-of-conciousness draw without the pressure of feeling like you have to post everything up on the internet. To just draw for you! There are so many ideas that can spring from loosely jotted down notes and drawings, even years later. Grab your pens!