Wednesday 9 September 2015

Sketching Festival Number 6 // 2015

Last week I headed back to Festival Number 6 for a weekend of music, magic, dancing and tasty, tasty food. Last year the festival completely blew me away with its beautiful location and eccentric atmosphere (and inspired me to illustrate this!), and of course this year was just as magical. 

This year my friends in Geins Family Giftshop were performing in The Gatehouse comedy tent, so it was brilliant to be able to see them there and support their honestly genius show (seriously, if you like dark, hilarious sketch shows see here).

Between some amazing gigs by the likes of Shura, Dutch Uncles, Everything Everything and a brilliantly theatrical performance by Grace Jones, I spent a lot of my time just soaking up the atmosphere and sketching.

I'm recovering from a sprained ankle at the moment, so striding around at a fast pace was kind of out of the question (although I did manage to explore and work in some careful dancing!) so it was great to just schlomp out on grassy verges or deckchairs and people watch (let me tell you, sequins, so big this year).

So this is quite a short and sweet post, but if you fancy reading more (and seeing more) about the festival it'd definitely be worth reading my post from last year, which also features my Festival Number 6 illustration!

I'll be posting more adventure inspiration and travel sketches soon as I'm heading off to Italy for the first time! Think mountains and lakes and finally taking a real break from work-mode, yes!

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