Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Live Illustration In-store At White Stuff Manchester

Last Saturday I hosted a popup instore at the gorgeous White Stuff shop on one of Manchester's busies Christmas market streets; selling my illustrations, cards and books and creating live portraits and illustrations for the customers!

It was a really great day spent painting and meeting excited Christmas shoppers and a few people who had come over just to meet me!

It was a lovely change of location for me, nestled between beautifully printed dresses and Christmas gifts, and it was such a joy to meet so many fantastic people curious about my illustration work!

I love being booked to create live illustration instore and for events, it's such an exciting opportunity, and it's so ridiculously heartwarming to see how much people treasure the portraits or illustrations I paint for them in front of their eyes! In the past I've illustrated live at events like National Freelancer's Day and instore at House of Fraser. You can find out more about booking live illustration for instore events and weddings over on my website!

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