Thursday, 7 February 2019

I've Illustrated A New Non-Fiction Book! ' You Can Two! The Essential Twins Preparation Guide '

A new book I've illustrated is out now! It's called 'You Can Two! The Essential Twins Preparation Guide' written by Jennifer Bonicelli and Meghan Hertzfeldt. It's all about gearing parents up for the arrival of lil' twin babies! Adorable project theme, right?

The team at Rockridge Press got in touch after I'd illustrated their 'No More Bullying Book For Kids' earlier this year, and said my illustrations would be perfect for the calming, cosy and optimistic vibe they were looking for for the book.

The book features twelve full-page colour interior chapter illustrations, as well as small spot illustrations dotted around the pages. The book covers everything from preparing for the delivery, to the best ways to feed twins, as well as looking after yourself!

The breastfeeding holds illustrations in particular took a lot of research to get the poses just right, as the illustrations were instructional as well as decorative! We had a few revisions on the angles and poses to make sure they were as clear as possible, and (although they're greyscale) they ended up being some of my favourite illustrations from the book!

It was such a nice project to illustrate, and it was a joy to be able and encouraged to represent a wide range of families through the illustrations! You can see more of the final illustrations and book shots below, and you can purchase the book here.

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  1. OMG you did an astonishing work .This book offers insightful and practical guidance for any future parent, in the case of anticipating twins or not. I love the agreeable, personal tone that the creators use in discussing extraordinary and some of the time scaring data. They use are straightforward yet perky, and leave space for all the intricate sentiments that join child rearing. I considered group working as a family to be extremely useful, and I realize that I will utilize the motivation I found in Two Came True in my family for a long time to come! I am so happy to have discovered this phenomenal book!