Friday, 29 October 2010

A feast for the eyes!

Hey guys,

I'm writing this now as a way of taking a break from pumpkin carving.
'Why?!' you ask!
'Why would you tear yourself away from such an awesome event?!'
Well, I just accidentally stabbed my wrist with a scalpel, not badly, but it scared me alot seeing as during my last major scalpel incident I sliced the tip of my thumb off in uni and had to go to A&E (I have a bit of a thing about wrists/viens etc too) so I felt woozy and as everyone knows, when you feel woozy - update your blog.

I have quite alot of visualiez to show you today!
I'll start by serving you the delicious starter of a potential cover (competition entry) for the online magazine Brikolage.

The title of the next issue is Old Age, and the cover needed to be inspired by Rossco Galloway.

It was lots of fun to draw many many dancing old people. 
Even if I don't make the cover the illustration will be in the magazine, so look out for a posting in the future!

Now! The main course of three illustrations I've done this past week for Amelia's Magazine.

These first two are for an article about the Museum of Everything in London, from the title I suppose you can tell that there's alot of interesting stuff there, and you'd be right!
These two illustrations represent just a couple of things you can see there, sideshow posters and lots of cool doll things! ace!

Apparantly the snake lady is me, but I digress, I don't have ANY snakes - so there.

This next illustration is also for Amelia's Magazine, showing off the extravagant make up of Alex Box.

It's a slightly different style for me! Well it was for a fashion article... I'm rather happy with it :) What do you think?

Okay! Dessert time - yeaaah.

This is just a little doodle I did a while ago when I didn't really realise I was drawing. I quite like it so I thought I'd show it to you. I hope you like it too!

Well, that's all I've got for you in my bag today lovelies.
Have an amazing Halloween! (p.s. what are you dressing up as?)


  1. Emmeeelineeeeee. I love the first one for the museum of everything! It is all lovely :)

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