Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Emmeline's Christmas Giveaway

So it's that time of year again.
I've been feeling pretty casual about it all so far, no present panics for me - but if you're hunting for something special for someone, or you fancy an early treat yourself - then you're in luck.

I'm giving away one very lovely signed canvas print of my 'Snow' illustration (along with a few postcards) and a runner's up prize of a pretty sticker set (and again, yes, some postcards!).

It's just a simple entry draw, so you might as well. You can even get one free entry if you do a festive dance (I trust that you guys wouldn't cheat!). 
The Giveaway will only run until this Sunday (16th) evening as I'll need to get everything sent out stat if anyone wants to give these as a Christmas presents - so they'll be posted first class on Monday!

Note: The giveaway is now over! We had nearly 200 entries but the lucky Louise W and Sophie J were the winners!