Tuesday 11 December 2012

The Enchanted Forest exhibition & London adventure

Hi everyone,

As you know I've been a very busy bee lately, flying from one end of the country to the other to set up and enjoy the Enchanted Forest exhibition at Foyles.
Sadly, the exhibition is all done and dusted now (it ran from 29th Novemeber - 7th December) but boy did we get some good feedback on it! The show was an absolute joy to be involved in and I loved getting the chance to work with and meet such a lovely bunch of talented illustrators.

I'm going to keep this brief, and you can see many more pictures from the exhibition and event over at the photo album on my facebook page.

The Gallery space up on the third floor of Foyles (Charing Cross Road) is gorgeous. Nice and airy, with bright lighting on the walls and pretty wooden beams.  We ordered some self-adhesive wall decals to add a bit of life to the show too, keeps the visual rhythm flowing and makes it a little more interesting for the kids!

The private view went fantastically, we had a brilliant turn out (and yes, there was a lot of wine flowing). I certainly didn't get enough time to meet everyone, which was a shame, but it was a great atmosphere to soak in.  If you were there but didn't get a chance to say hi, drop me a line! It'd be great to hear what you thought of the show.

There's been a lot of really great press for the exhibition (thanks to all of you!) and it was very exciting that we all got interviewed by the BBC for the World Service radio station whilst setting up the show.  I have to say that was a very surreal day! I also popped down to the lovely Watermark Books shop in Kings Cross station to sign some copies of Sylvester and the New Year and saw the book on the front row in Selfridges, exciting!

I've been trying to wind myself down after all the excitement of the show and get back into my normal work and Christmas preparations (I've been flat out ill since the show, but I suspect that might be from long days walking the streets and sights of London and over-use of the Underground in Winter).  It's been a great adventure, and definitely good for me to break out of my studio into the public realm for a while.

Do comment your reviews of the show, as I said it would be great to hear what everyone thought of it.  Here's hoping I'll be involved in more exhibitions like this in the new year! Speak soon!

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