Tuesday 18 December 2012

Ten Paces and Draw holiday gift guide

Looking for some last minute illustrated gifts? Well I've made a little gift guide for Ten Paces and Draw with some great products by the likes of Alice Potter, Poketo, Kate Slater and Karolin Schnoor. See the post here.

  1. Vintage BOAC airline fan, £15 + S/H, Retropolitan
  2. Blue single pattern greetings card, £2.50 + S/H, Alice Potter
  3. Sweater screenprint, $25 + S/H, Karolin Schnoor
  4. Berries on feet earrings, £35 + S/H, Hirn & Hers
  5. Green Woodpecker Brooch, £24 + S/H, Kate Slater
  6. Pegasus Locket, £19 + S/H, Bonbi Forest
  7. Fallen Flowers phone case, £25 + S/H, Ohh Deer
  8. Bird in Tree Stacking Cups Set, $54 + S/H, Poketo
  9. Sylvester and the New Year by Emmeline Pidgen, (Hardback) £9.99, Amazon
  10. The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami, £16, Amazon
  11. Anke Weckmann Darjeeling Travel Notebook, $68 + S/H, Monoblock

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