Friday 29 May 2015

Hi Hiive!

You might've heard the sad news a few months ago that IdeasTap would be closing down. They've been an invaluable organisation, supporting hundreds of creative projects across the country.  Well, now it looks like they've banded together with Hiive to re-emerge even stronger as a collaboration, definitely worth celebrating!

I'll admit I hadn't heard of Hiive until yesterday's news, but I took the time to set up a profile and have a bit of an explore.  The profile set up is slightly better designed and more intuitive than other portfolio websites I've been on, so (for once!) I completed my whole profile in one sitting. 

I'm glad I did, as later that day I found out my profile had been selected as one of the Editor's Picks, with the quote 'A testament to what can be achieved post university as an illustrator', naw!

In any case, I recommend heading over to Hiive and taking a look, it seems like it's going to be the place to be as the IdeasTap join heats up in the coming months. I'm still getting my head around 'swarms', but the jobs board and profiles are really worth a shot!

You can find my profile here! Come and say hello!

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