Wednesday 6 May 2015

Shebeen Festival Manchester

So the Draw North West exhibition went down a treat at Shebeen Festival in Manchester last weekend!

I arrived early to help set up the space, in a cosy corner of The Runaway Brewery. Using some seriously impressive improv skills (we were short of a few vital tools!), Alan Dalby, Andrew Jolly and I managed to hang the prints and set the table up, and shambled it together until it looked gorgeous.

I broke out my trusty brush pen to work in some hand-drawn lettering on the board, making sure all the artists were credited and nicely visible.  I'm definitely looking into working on more illustration and lettering for wall displays, it was great to work with some new angles!

The scent of street-food and local beer rolled in with the festival goers, and we were selling prints within the first few minutes of opening. I couldn't stay for much of the festival, but it was great to have a taste of the atmosphere, and hear that a good bundle of prints sold throughout the day!

If you couldn't get to the festival (or you spent all your pennies on beer!) I'll be putting a few of my remaining riso prints up for sale in my online shop in the coming weeks, and hopefully have a couple up for grabs at Thought Bubble later in the year!

If you want to read a little more about the Shebeen backstory, or my illustration for it, have a look at this blog post!

Big thanks to Andrew for the photos he took, to Shebeen Festival and the other Draw North West exhibitors: Alan Dalby, Chris Howker, Chris Madden, Benjamin Harrison, Nell Smith, Racco, Tony Westwood and Mat Greaves.

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