Friday 7 September 2012

Creative Tips & Resources

Just a quick note - 

If you haven't seen these before and you're stepping out into the world of creative freelancing - they could very well be useful!
I've been writing (almost) monthly articles about Creative Tips & Resources for your fight through the freelance jungle over at Ten Paces and Draw. So far I've covered how to get your portfolio looking gorgeous (and professional!), using brushes & textures in digital illustration and 'Getting started, getting seen' - with plenty more topics on the way!

Now, I promise it's not just all ramblings from me in there! I've been in touch with some amazingly talented illustrators, industry professionals and all round fountains of knowledge who have given their insights, advice and processes to help you along your way (think the likes of Kali Ciesemier, Tigerprint, Advocate Art, Fig Taylor of the AOI etc etc etc)

Each article has a plethora (yes that's right, a plethora!) of useful links and pointers to fantastic creative freelancer resources from all across the digital plain. 

So get on over and broaden your freelancing artillery - it's a tough world out there!

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  1. Seconded! There's some useful tips in here people :)
    Also, Fig Taylor's portfolio consultation at the AOI is excellent - The most useful thing I did after I graduated!