Thursday 13 September 2012


Hurray! Today is Roald Dahl day!

 I'm sure most of us grew up reading his stories and jumping into the worlds he created (with a bit of help from Quentin Blake!), it's good to celebrate that childhood sense of magic and adventure, and remember to hold on to it through the mundane patches of grown-up life!

I wanted to share this illustration I did last year for Roald Dahl day.  It was inspired by his quote 'Those who don't believe in magic will never find it' - which I love. 

So today make some time to read magical stories, or go exploring! Have an adventure and forget about work/money/chores for a while.  Just go out and look at things as if you'd never seen them before.  I'll be out there! Well, after a bit of drawing... :-)

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