Tuesday 4 September 2012

Fallen Flowers homeware

What's this heap of pretty you say? Well! It's a 'Fallen flowers' surface pattern that I finished yesterday, and has now hit the digital shelves of Ohh Deer as a gorgeous cushion (and soon hopefully notebooks/other nice things).  Hurray!
I've had a bit of radio silence in terms of producing work for Ohh Deer (I'm one of the first bunch of illustrators to get involved) - I've just been drowning in a swampy mush of book work.  Well, that makes it sound a lot worse than it has actually been - it's been good, but yeah, I've not had much time to work on anything else. 

Anyway, if you fancy prettying up your livingroom/bedroom/conservatory/shed/mountain shack/prison cell/studio/boat then get on over to this link - http://ohhdeer.com/product/fallen-flowers
and get yourself one now.  Ohh Deer ship worldwide too, so don't let that stop you : )
Tell your mum!

P.s. My Sylvester and the New Year book is going to print today! EEE!

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