Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Whilst I'm here

It was one of those nights last night.  One of those self-doubt-fuelled inspiration deserts.  We all get them from time to time.  In these circumstances the best plan, I find, is to just grab a sketchbook and draw until something you feel good about drops onto the page.  
So I feverishly grasped my brush pen in my clammy, little hand and let the drawings fly.
Eventually this character popped up, and the snippet of conversation with her.
Everyone will probably think she looks like me, but she's not me - and my mum's not like that.  So suspend disbelief and just go with it for now.  It'd be good for this to develop into a proper story, maybe even a comic or graphic novel of sorts - some dots appeared and now I need to connect them.  I think people (including myself!) often forget that I'm not just a children's illustrator - I love working for grown-ups too and hopefully with a little more time I'll develop this and really get some older audience narrative work going.
Let me know what you think of these, got any potential?

Speak soon!