Thursday 2 July 2015

Frozen Bargains

I took part in Offlife Comic's #QuickDraw challenge again tonight (my second ever week!) and had an hour to create an illustration based on the theme 'Ways I escape from the heat...'.

This was a speedy idea, as I so, so nearly did this exact thing in Tesco yesterday. But to avoid a telling-off and, y'know, a barrage of side-eyes, I settled for wafting my arms around the pizza section acting as if I didn't decide ten minutes ago which pizza I was going to buy. Smooth.

I'm all for the drawing challenges at the moment! If you haven't already seen, I've just started a drawing my outfit on each day in July - it's going to be tough, but exciting! See the first two here.

1 comment:

  1. Your QuickDraw creation is hilariously relatable! I love the spontaneity and humor in choosing frozen food to beat the heat. The pizza section arm-wafting tactic is genius
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