Sunday 12 July 2015

What Emmeline Wore In July - Day 12

I practice yoga at least 2-3 times a week these days, it's perfect to undo all the hours of working at my desk, stress of running a business single-handedly and the cramped-up shoulders and hands from too much drawing (the fabled graphics-tablet-claw).  

I started the year by committing to take the Yoga With Adrienne '30 Days of Yoga Challenge' (hmm, apparently I love month-long challenges) and that upped my yoga learning curve so quickly, with shockingly obvious benefits. Workwise, I find clearing your head with half an hour of yoga (or meditation, or even just sitting and doing nothing for ten minutes) is brilliant for refreshing yourself. It's always going to be helpful to dig a way through the static to a place where you can have great ideas and problem-solve creatively!

Leggings -
Top - 'Be Stupid For Successful Living'. I'm honestly not sure where this shirt came from...I think this was free in Vice Magazine...
Yoga Mat (Half pictured in terms of colour!) - YogaMatters

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