Monday 10 October 2016

What Emmeline Wore In October - Day 10!

Today I'm working on a lot of exciting new commissions, and I have a few big discussions in the pipe-line, so today's look swings more to the business side of the spectrum. 

I've spoken about it a lot, but I really think there's something to be said for people who go out and start their own businesses. Freelancing is tough, and it takes a lot of guts to say to yourself "I know this is what I want to do!" and go out there and follow your dreams. Winning the Freelancer of the Year award back in June gave me the opportunity to meet so many amazing self-employed people, and I find myself constantly inspired by them! So today this is for them.

I'm wearing a lovely casual dress from Boohoo, with a necklace from Accessorize and a minimalist handbag from Radley - oddly enough all past presents from friends and family!

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