Tuesday 11 October 2016

What Emmeline Wore In October - Day 11 x Fat Face

Today I'm featuring a gorgeous outfit from Fat Face! I love going on adventures and Autumnal walks in the woods, so this cosy gilet, jeans, biker boots and gorgeously coloured scarf are perfect. The gilet is fleece lined so it feels like giving a piggy-back to the warmest tiny lamb imaginable (er, I assume!) - it's that snuggly. It kept me going on a cold and rainy night's camping a few weeks ago as well. The boots have quickly become a staple in my wardrobe, as I so often struggle to find shoes that are hardy yet lovely enough to withstand my frequent long walks - but these seem genuinely great.

I wore this outfit for a walk around the beautiful Rivington near Chorley and kicked around between the falling leaves and warm Autumn sunlight. I always find it really inspiring for my illustration work to take a break from the screens (and in some cases paper and ink!) and get out into the wild. I think a lot of the time you need to give yourself that space to allow your ideas room to grow - there haven't been many ideas I've remained stuck on after a good, long wander.

To list everything out, today I'm wearing:

The Gilet in Very Berry
Atlantic Everyday Jeans
Hollie T-Shirt in Navy (so very soft)
Filey Biker Boots in Tan
and the beautiful scarf pictured.

A huge thank you to Fat Face for kidly sending over my choices and for being part of the project! *Please note this is not a paid promotion.

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