Friday 21 October 2016

What Emmeline Wore In October - Day 21 x People Tree

Despite all the bold colours and patterns I like to use in my illustrations, sometimes I like to keep my outfits dark and minimal. I've been recently getting back into the turtle-neck game (after a long stint away from it. Seven-year-old me rocked a mean lilac one to school!) - and I'm in love with the simple loveliness of this organic cotton roll neck from People Tree! I've paired it with a dark grey jersey skirt and my "Emmeline-classic" teal leather boots from Red or Dead.

People Tree have long been one of my favourites. You might remember me featuring them in last year's What Emmeline Wore In July project - well that dress has since become my go-to for making me feel confident when I'm doing illustrationy business things (in fact I wore it the day I did my Freelancer of the Year presentation in front of the judges! The confidence boost must've helped since I walked away with the title). They've always got such stylish pieces, but I'm really enamoured with their ethos and commitment to fair trade and organic clothing - it feels extra special to know your clothes have come from a good place.

Like all good skirts, this one has pockets. So expect them to be filled with scraps of drawings or receipts for books soon! My boots were my first ever extravagant purchase (I've had them a long time!) thoroughly encouraged by my brother and best friend. I had a few years off them after the heel snapped off on my way to the cinema (which led to a bit of an awkward hobble back later). Last year I finally took them to an actual cobbler in Chorley who fixed them up amazingly! I'm a firm believer in mending and altering old clothes and accessories rather than throwing them out (maybe that's why I have too many..). 

A huge thank you to People Tree for being involved in the project again this year! You can find the lovely top and skirt, and a little bit more about their values on their website here.

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