Monday 3 October 2016

What Emmeline Wore In October - Day 3

The leaves are officially changing colour, so it's time for me to bust out my Autumn colour stash. This time of year is my very favourite, and more often than not you'll find a lot of my illustrations have a very Autumnal colour palette (with a little splash of coral!). 

Mondays are always a bit bleak, but I'm making time to get outside today and take in some of the gorgeous colours and spend a bit of time away from screens. 

As a little update on yesterday's post - we did finally manage to see Miss Peregrin's Home for Peculiar Children after being turned away from one cinema as it was full, and then a second cinema blew its projector bulb as the showing was starting! We felt a bit cursed! If you happen to see it, keep an eye out for a blond chap juggling in the newspaper photo, that's my Andrew! We saw the film in Blackpool, so it was amazing to be able to go and walk around the locations in the film straight after watching it.

So today I'm keeping it casual and wearing a snuggly jumper from H&M* and a pair of pinkish-red jeans I bought from Primark years ago.

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